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The history of the tomato of Garzanti Libri
The history of tomato in Italy by David Gentilcore, published by Garzanti Libri, tells the story of the cuisine, the beautiful history of this "purple wonder”.
The “Misticanze” of Garzanti Libri
Misticanze, the book by Gian Luigi Beccaria, published by Garzanti Libri, tries to describe the history of the kitchen through the evolution of words.
Cuisine and halal in the Italian Islam
The halal cuisine must follow precise rules. Food and religion in the Arab cuisine.
Food and Religion, throat and compromise!
Food and religion in the world: Mormonism, Hare Krishna, Navajo, Apache, Buddhism, Hinduism and vegetarian cooking anthropology of food.
The anthropology of food by Alessandra Guigoni
"The anthropology of the food and of the drink" Alessandra Guigoni (Editions Altravista) analyzes the food and wine, from weaning to the ethnography of smell.
The anthropology of food according to Tom Standage
Looking for someone or something that explains the history and anthropology of food? Here is "An edible history of humanity”, the new book by Tom Standage.
Whiskey and beer: history by Slow Food
Stories in the Glass of Michael Jackson and Slow Food tell the beer, the history and the anthropology of food. A beautiful journey in the modern world of drinking.
The history of wine according to the pharmacologists Paolo Nencini
"Drunkenness and sobriety in the Ancient World" by Paolo Nencini, published by Muzzio, tells the story of wine from Prehistory to Christianity.
The history of food by Felipe Fernandez Armesto
The history of food, from the fire to globalization, is told in a light and pleasant way. The anthropology of food from the oint of view of Felipe Fernandez Armesto.
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