The “Misticanze” of Garzanti Libri

Misticanze, the book by Gian Luigi Beccaria, published by Garzanti Libri, tries to describe the history of the kitchen through the evolution of words.
Gian Luigi Beccaria is an essayist and historian of language, but never like in this book, published by Garzanti Libri, has Misticanze, the mastery of the “language” befitted the subject. This text wanders and analyzes the cultured world of culinary history, but with a different eye than usual, more learned and philological. The anthropology of food? Perhaps, but in truth the real protagonists are the names of regional cuisine, the many dialectal variants of bread and pasta, cakes and food street. But even educated ramblings of the culinary and non-culinary literature and, polenta and chestnuts, among the likes of anthropologists Claude Levi-Strauss and our fame literary of Francesco Redi. A nice book, pardon essay on the true culture of food, food history and culinary literature. In short, a mini pocket dictionary sui generis to keep in your pocket, if you want to attend and master those intellectual salons where the food is considered only pure and impalpable literature. Instead, the food is not only culture: like carpaccio, for example, is not just a name invented by the painter Vittore Carpaccio, but a delicious plate of raw meat. Misticanze Garzanti Libri Italian Language 235 pages 15 euro


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