Cuisine and halal in the Italian Islam

The halal cuisine must follow precise rules. Food and religion in the Arab cuisine.
If Judaism tolerates wine if selected, instead Islam categorically forbids consumption. Alcohol and any fermented beverage are prohibited to ensure the sobriety of the faithful in the performance of religious functions. The Koran describes gardens adorned with vineyards, speaks of rain raising the lives and opens up the grapes, and promises rivers of delicious wine: it seems that provoke the believer between the lines, but the pair "wine and religion" is not covered. We know the Islamic food (halal cuisine) of the Arab countries mainly for spices (saffron, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, etc.) introduced by the Arabs in the Mediterranean and traded for centuries. It is the Arab cuisine finds its unity in Islam that prescribes the use of meat, red or white, with the Halal method of slaughter (that is bleed dry), which is a type of meat from the animal slaughtered according to Islamic rites, saying the name of Allah by a Muslim authorized sacrificer. According to Muslims, in the halal cuisine you cannot eat pork, considered "unclean", camel or cattle found dead, and you cannot eat the blood of any animal. There are no restrictions on the consumption of vegetables or cereals and there are no prohibitions on the combination of foods. Is necessary to observe the complete fasting month of Ramadan (between November and December) from two hours before sunrise to two hours after sunset. It is strange that every good Muslim believer should eat only with the right hand, rigorously washed before the left. Islam in this case seems to be less strict that Judaism, but is also loyal and observant of the rules.


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