The history of food by Felipe Fernandez Armesto

The history of food, from the fire to globalization, is told in a light and pleasant way. The anthropology of food from the oint of view of Felipe Fernandez Armesto.
Those interested in history and anthropology of food, with its gastronomic light shades cannot miss to read "History of Food" by Felipe Fernandez Armesto. Since the invention of the kitchen (which has distinguished us from the animal kingdom) to the first snail farm, the step was not small, and we all know this. But that theory of the book was the agriculture as the basis of the exploitation of the plant world and the consequent decline of humanity and a modern challenge, to the GreenPeace scholarly and anthropology. Then are chapters on food as a social differentiation (the rich food is good, poor eating little and low in calories), the challenge evolution in which the food becomes ecological trade and industrialization in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The advent of haute cuisine is a small piece of the great history of food, while it is important to note the giant steps of the use of fire, the discovery of new ingredients from other continents, the commitment towards the moral choice of this or that other product. Felipe Fernandez Armesto is a historian and expert on the anthropology of food: this book is fantastic, everything returns. "History of Food" Bruno Mondadori Italian Language 308 pages 28 euro


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