The history of the tomato of Garzanti Libri

The history of tomato in Italy by David Gentilcore, published by Garzanti Libri, tells the story of the cuisine, the beautiful history of this "purple wonder”.
To us Italians seem so normal and rooted in our gourmet DNA, but the tomato is on our tables by just 300 years. Or rather came from the Americas in mid-500, as taught by the anthropology of food, but the distrust in its colors, in its nature so wild and exotic has made it only an ornamental plant for a couple of centuries. What bad stuff is the ignorance! If only we were less picky and cooking racist we would have had the pizza, the lasagna and gratin tomato much sooner than expected.  David Gentilcore, Professor of Modern History at Leicester, but also a professor at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Parma - Colorno wrote for The Purple Wonder for Garzanti Libri, and is now culinary history. Anecdotes, recipes of the culinary literature and quotations from Pellegrino Artusi, anthropology of food and more, all relating to the "tomato". Read it means food culture. Read it means to know that Saba has defined the tomato the “purple wonder” after a wonderful pasta dish of Gabriele D'Annunzio. This is also gastronomic literature. “La Purpurea Meraviglia” ("The Purple Wonder") Garzanti Libri Italian Language 269 pages 13 euro


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