Food and Religion, throat and compromise!

Food and religion in the world: Mormonism, Hare Krishna, Navajo, Apache, Buddhism, Hinduism and vegetarian cooking anthropology of food.
Although Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the religions known, are not the only ones to have dietary rules. The coffee for example is taboo for Mormons and Jain, a Hindu sect, who are not even allowed to eat the cheese, vinegar, carrots and potatoes. The Hare Krishnas and Hindus consider sacrilege to eat mushrooms. The Navajo and Apache tribes do not eat fish. Buddhism and Hinduism are characterized by vegetarian cuisine: starting from a purely ethical assumption, the man should not kill living beings for any reason. You cannot then kill animals for food and nutrients. Many Buddhist monks considered basic to their mission of preaching to help people become vegetarian, going so far to open vegetarian restaurants already several centuries ago in the monasteries and temples of the city and to invent unique techniques to produce food perfectly vegetarian (seitan, tofu treated in many ways and even frozen and thawed, soy sauce, miso, tempeh, yuba, okara etc..) that had exactly the same taste, color and appearance of the most popular non-vegetarian preparations most popular and requested in the area as chickens, ducks, fish (complete with fins, gills, eyes and mouth), heads of pork, ham, liver, steaks, stew, tripe, sausages and so on. So much commitment and belief in vegetarian cuisine brought these ingredients derived from soybeans and wheat to become the very foundation of food of millions if not billions Eastern, not only in Japan but also China, India and Thailand. Many religions, many different cuisines and many taboos food. The world is full of religions that prohibit or encourage various foods, and today is a duty to respect the values. From now on, when you invite someone to dinner, you do not take into account only the taste but also the different religions of the guests.


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