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The white truffle in the conquest of Hong Kong
Meeting between high-Italian cuisine and local young people who love our tradition
Seekers and truffle dogs
The president of the Trifulau Albese Association, Mario Aprile, enlightens us on some issues revolving around the truffle
Great chefs’ recipes: Salad of salt cod
Salad of cod with white truffles and porcini, recipe of the chef Andrea Mangoni
Interview with the food writer Andrea Grignaffini, Espresso Guide
Interview with the food writer Andrea Grignaffini, Espresso Restaurants guide, on the “Truffle”
Truffle and radicchio? Recipes and marriages!
White Truffle Fair of Pergola (PU)
Autumn truffle recipes of the Locanda Canevari
From October 15th, 2010 and for the entire month of November, in addition to the menu, Locanda Canevari offers two intriguing proposals in honor of the truffle.
Restaurants in the Langhe? Relais Villa d'Amelia in Benevello
In the Langhe, near Alba, there is Benevello. In Manera, on the crest of a hill surrounded by woods and hazel trees a century old farm houses the Relais Villa d'Amelia. The restaurant has been entrusted to Chef Damiano Nigro, a young promise of the Italian haute cuisine
Varieties of truffles in Italy
Not only Alba truffle or truffle from Norcia: a statement on the three most common varieties of truffles in Italy
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