Seekers and truffle dogs

The president of the Trifulau Albese Association, Mario Aprile, enlightens us on some issues revolving around the truffle
The president of the Trifulau Albese Association, Mario Aprile, enlightens us on some issues that revolve around the most precious of mushrooms: the truffle. How to become a hunter of truffles? First is not a profession but a hobby, as explains the expert, because although well-paid it remains a passion passed down from generation to generation, in places where the fungus grows wild heyday. And because it is a fungus and grows underground, the "trifulau" requires faithful companions and with a big nose: the truffle dogs! In the Albese, as always, we prefer the so-called mongrels - in the past that stray dogs were caught and trained - even if there are breeds adapted to the research: the spinone, the Italian bracco and the Lagotto Romagnolo. The Alba truffle is one of the finest ever, but why and what varieties exist in the Langhe area? The expert gives top priority to the white Alba truffle, which is an expression of this land as much as the great wines of Piedmont! Can also be found in the Alta Langa, during the winter, the Melanosporum, the black truffle of a great quality. Finally, still in the area, although of lower quality, grow the truffles scorzone or the summer truffle. Everyone is aware of the privileged position on the market, but the price of truffles is determined based on what? The price of truffles vary from season to season and in accordance with the offer: you have to think that this year's white truffle was valued 2000 euro per kg, while four years ago was worth about 6000! Beyond the assessment of the market, we like to think of the truffle seekers as people driven by passion and tradition, with the heart in the mouth every time the hound stops and marks an "x".


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