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Restaurants in Langhe? Only haute cuisine
Among the restaurants in Langhe are few to stand for quality and research and haute cuisine. Food and wine tours in the Langhe between the gourmet restaurants.
Craft sorbets and ice creams
Quality, freshness and creaminess are the characteristics of sorbets and ice creams Della Negra
Truffle and radicchio? Recipes and marriages!
White Truffle Fair of Pergola (PU)
Food and wine tours? In Val di Non and Val di Sole!
In Val di Non and Val di Sole, the food and wine tours are incredible to taste local products such as dop apple, Casolet cheese, the Mortandèla salami and Arctic char fish.
Food and wine tours in the world of craft grappa
Among the food and wine tours from North to South, the craft grappa is depopulated by its intensity and perfumes. From Piedmont to Sicily, with spirit.
Artistic and gastronomic itineraries in Tuscany
Food and wine tours in Tuscany? Here are the art parks with the best wines of Tuscany, from Carmignano Docg to Brunello of the Montalcino Riserva.
Restaurant Guide? Identità golose 2011 Guide
Presentation of the new Identità golose 2011 Guide, novelty and confirmations
Grand Prix of taste in Ferrari House
Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 in Maranello not for the Grand Prix of Formula 1, but for the Grand Prix of taste!
The Vinauta: buy wine online and not only
With Vinauta, the user will not only be lead to the purchase but will have the opportunity to really deepen his knowledge on the product
Piedmontese cuisine at the Sant’Uffizio Inn
Holidays in Piedmont? Obligatory stop at the hotel-restaurant in Monferrato, the Sant’Uffizio Inn
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