Varieties of truffles in Italy

Not only Alba truffle or truffle from Norcia: a statement on the three most common varieties of truffles in Italy
White truffles: the glebe of the white truffle is almost white when it grows near the willow or poplar, is colored dark brown if it grows near the oak, and has red marks if it lives in symbiosis with the lime. The harvest season extends from early October to late November. Black truffle: the glebe of the black truffle at full maturity takes on purplish black. The main features to distinguish the various species are: soil, plants with which the symbiosis is established, the areas or countries of production. The black truffle is found in France, in Umbria and Norcia (the famous truffle of Norcia). The harvest season runs from early December to mid-March. Summer truffle or truffle scorzone: reaches sometimes very large sizes and is very similar to the black truffle. The exterior is brown with pyramidal warts. It has a strong aromatic smell, but cut it differs from the prized black, because the glebe does not become dark, but tends to a dark yellow. It grows in sandy soils or clay soils, but also in hardwoods or pine forests. The collection period is from early May to late December.


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