Truffle and radicchio? Recipes and marriages!

White Truffle Fair of Pergola (PU)
Sunday, October 24th, 2010 will end the White Truffle Fair of Pergola (PU), a chance to cross wine and food itineraries in the Marche. The most anticipated event is the twinning between food and wine and white truffle of Pergola and the Red Radicchio of Treviso. A delicious twinning, exquisite, which will be celebrated with a conference and a tasting dinner entitled “Galeotto fu il Bianco”, with the participation of chefs, food and wine lovers and gourmets! Some recommended restaurants to eat truffles and tasting the flavors of autumn:
  • Country House “La Pergola”
  • Trattoria del Borgo
  • Il Cantuccio
  • Taverna Tuber Magnatum
  • C’è P@sto per te
  • Antichi Sapori da Loris
  • Il Gatto e la Volpe
  • Le Fontane


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