The white truffle in the conquest of Hong Kong

Meeting between high-Italian cuisine and local young people who love our tradition
Today I met Winnie and Jocelyn, young, pretty, passionate of Italian food. Winnie works in a bank, deals with systems, today took a day off to follow two of the many events that Italian Cuisine World Summit led in Hong Kong. I've met her at the restaurant “Va Bene”, where the resident chef Paolo Federici has cooked with Marco Sacco (of the Piccolo lago in Verbania) a special menu made with white truffle. Once again, the Piedmont in evidence. The event consists of a lecture, during which the chef tells the preparation and woe to make mistakes, here they are accurate and you will have problems for a bit of salt written in the recipe and forgot to place at the right time. After the lesson we sit at the table and served the menu that today consisted of Exchange of words of Fassona Tuna, Beetroot Risotto, Liquid Tiramisu, all dressed with white truffle of San Damiano d'Asti. Winnie, like all the women present, has taken pictures with Marco, so, once at the table I was bombarded with questions about Italy, on our food, wines, showing, however, an unexpected preparation driven by an unusual passion. Jocelyn, however, is a journalist at the China Daily, shy and respectful as they know to be the East, think that once the lesson ended was about to leave, to then return after lunch for the interview schedule. She said "I do not think it is appropriate that I stop to eat"; well, I had to insist. At the end of a long interview, because she wanted to know so many things, especially about the man Marco Sacco, interested in understanding how a representative of an important kitchen was able to preserve the tradition into a world like that of China after the opening of the River Club. An hour that is served also to us that listened Marco and Jocelyn as if they were in the confessional, because the tone of the respectful journalist was consistently low, almost imperceptible. A lesson from Winnie and Jocelyn, it was interesting to see how we are seen from here, how stereotypes are no longer considered by the new generations, but rather getting to know this to appreciate as much as possible. Our correspondent Aldo Palaoro


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