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Great Chefs Recipes: Lucana Essence
Basilicata Cuisine: Basket with pecorino di Moliterno and mixed mushrooms of the Pollino, quenelle of ricotta Podolica with rosemary and crisp pancetta of black pig of Lucano, pepper of Senise IGP and Ficotto dressing
Great chefs’ recipes: Salad of salt cod
Salad of cod with white truffles and porcini, recipe of the chef Andrea Mangoni
Fresh porcini mushrooms at Porta Vittoria in Milan
La maniera di Carlo, in Milan, is celebrating a year of opening with the culinary revolution of his chef Lorenzo Santi, sketched a great menu of recipes with fresh porcini mushrooms, recipes with black truffle and foie gras recipes
Millefeuille with Grana Padano and fresh porcini mushrooms
Recipes chefs: millefeuille with fresh mushrooms and Grana Padano cheese and peas and spices sauce
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