Restaurants in the Langhe? Relais Villa d'Amelia in Benevello

In the Langhe, near Alba, there is Benevello. In Manera, on the crest of a hill surrounded by woods and hazel trees a century old farm houses the Relais Villa d'Amelia. The restaurant has been entrusted to Chef Damiano Nigro, a young promise of the Italian haute cuisine
Barolo, Nebbiolo, vineyards, wine cellars, wine shops, castles, truffles, good food, landscapes, traditions and events. It is truly an area devoted to satisfying the pleasures of the most demanding gourmet persons, that of the Langhe. Kingdom of the great red wines of Piedmont and the refined cuisine based on truffle has its epicenter in Alba. And here the white truffle, which is famous worldwide, has its moment of greatest celebration in the month of October with the Truffle Fair in Alba (the site). Leaving Alba, after a few kilometers, you can reach Benevello. In Manera, on the crest of a hill surrounded by lush forests and beautiful hazel trees a century old farmhouse has been completely renovated since 2006 and houses the Relais Villa d'Amelia: 37 rooms and 5 suites with a contemporary and refined style. The restaurant was let in the care of Chef Damiano Nigro since the opening, young promise of the Italian haute cuisine with a  professional paste spent in renowned star places: Gualtiero Marchesi (first at the Terrazze in Milan and then to Albereta in Erbusco ), Michel Roux (The Waterside Inn), Marco Pierre White (The Oak Room first and then Criterion Brasserie), Alain Ducasse (Restaurant La Grande Cascade), Alain Soliveres (Les Elysees), Paola Budel (L’Acanto) to Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba. He is indeed the chef at the Piazza Duomo, Enrico Crippa that offering the role of sous-chef brings in Piedmont Damiano. Role covered until October 2006 when it becomes a gourmet chef at Villa d'Amelia. Damiano's cuisine is a crossroads of emotions on the edge of the area, with dishes of the land of Langhe contaminated by the smell of the Ligurian Sea. His creativity now and then brings him to his origin in Puglia with Mediterranean flavors and colors. This is testified by the Veal with tuna sauce 2007 (diced steak with tuna sauce and whole vegetables), La Finanziera secondo me (review of one of the classic Piedmontese dishes), Agnolotti with three roasts, Roast octopus with citrus sauce and tempura vegetables. In addition to the menu are three proposals to be recommended: the "Small menu” from 55 euro, "The traditional menu" from 48 euro and the "Tasting menu" at 70 euro. One of the pride points of the chef is his attention and dedication to the search for raw materials and the selection of seasonal local produce as the pigeon Greppi, lamb Stura Valley, the gray rabbit Carmagnola, the Piedmontese Beef. It is no coincidence then that at the bottom of the menu is expressly says "this menu was created by leaving room for local producers." Great selection of wines for the restaurant menu. The best regional and international are well preserved in an old chapel located on the courtyard of the relay. A note of credit also goes to the bakery, curated by Giovanni, brother of Damiano. We mention the delicious Tiramisu with hazelnut or coffee jelly, hazelnut ice cream, amaretto mascarpone cream and chopped hazelnuts, or the interesting Crisp Cappuccino - consisting of a crunchy coffee tuile, coffee mousse, and meringue and milk ice cream. For lovers of fine cuisine a dinner signed by Damiano Nigro is worth the trip. www.villadamelia.com


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