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Great chef’s recipes: special potatoes ravioli!
Recipes haute cuisine: “Potatoes ravioli stuffed with pecorino with pomegranate, bacon, sage and nuts”
Great chefs’ recipes: Marano Cuttlefish millefeuille
Among the main fish recipes, the chef Andrea Canton shows an easy and delicious dish: Mille-feuille of Marano Cuttlefish
Berardino Lombardo and the broccoli pesto
Berardino Lombardo and his farm-restaurant in Terre di Conca Caianello (EC). Here is his recipe for broccoli pesto with sheep cheese!
Great chef’s recipes: The Sfogliatella
Haute cuisine recipes. Curly puff pastry and shortbread
Great Chefs Recipes: Lucana Essence
Basilicata Cuisine: Basket with pecorino di Moliterno and mixed mushrooms of the Pollino, quenelle of ricotta Podolica with rosemary and crisp pancetta of black pig of Lucano, pepper of Senise IGP and Ficotto dressing
Great Chefs Recipes: Bocconcino with Gragnano pasta
Great Chefs Recipes: Crispy Bocconcino with cream of peas and anchovy oil mayonnaise
Great chef’s recipes: Egg porcini parmesan
Egg porcini parmesan: delicious recipe of the Chef Andrea Alfieri
The cerebral dish of Andrea Berton
Great chefs’ recipes: The cerebral dish of Andrea Berton
Great chefs’ recipes: Salad of salt cod
Salad of cod with white truffles and porcini, recipe of the chef Andrea Mangoni
Great chefs’ recipes: Scallops and Porcini mushrooms
Great chefs’ recipes: Scallops, Pork Nebrodi ham, Porcini mushrooms and its chips. The "Innocenti evasioni" of Eros Picco!
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