The cerebral dish of Andrea Berton

Great chefs’ recipes: The cerebral dish of Andrea Berton
The haute cuisine of Andrea Berton at the Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala in Milan. The creation of “Parmesan Biscuit with lemon and basil, tomato foil and caper ice cream“ is undoubtedly a cerebral dish. The tomato petals are first candied in a syrup with lemon juice and vanilla for 6-7 hours at 70 ° C, very slowly, then, once dried and cooled, are composed together to form this purple block of layers. Then there is the biscuit with Parmesan, crisp, with lemon and mint. And finally, complete the dish with the caper ice cream and basil sauce. The Mediterranean flavors are summarized in a surprising sweet-salty: would be simplistic to call it pre-dessert, call it dessert become invasive. Andrea Berton, with this culinary concept has invented a new scale, a sort of "dish in the middle" that contains salty elements in a sweet and sugary context. "I do not like the dessert too sweet. For my will and personal taste, I always try to adjust the dose or take advantage of the inherent sweetness of the ingredients”. This dish is absolutely cerebral, because it reflects a new thinking in the concept of Mediterranean cuisine. Photo by Cristian Parravicini www.trussardi.it/trussardi_alla_scala.html


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