Food and wine tours? In Val di Non and Val di Sole!

In Val di Non and Val di Sole, the food and wine tours are incredible to taste local products such as dop apple, Casolet cheese, the Mortandèla salami and Arctic char fish.
For those in Trentino, in Val di Non or in Val di Sole, can be caught by the delicious food and wine tours, for the Slow Food and the typical culinary excellence of the area. Thanks to APT Valle di Non (www.visitvaldinon.it), the Road of the Apple and of Tastes (www.stradadellamela.it), the APT Val di Sole (www.valdisole.net) and the Terrace of the Flavors you can visit the farms, manufacturers and the places of most interest in this heavenly place in Italy. Here are the products that you can find and taste: La Dop Val di Non Apple is the flagship product of the area that made the Valley famous throughout the world. Renetta Canada Varieties, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious in 2003 have been awarded the prestigious dop. From these wonderful apples can also be obtained organic juices, balsamic vinegar, cider, jams and marmalades, fresh mousse and spirits. Not to forget the apple pie! The Casolét of the Val di Sole is a typical mountain cheese with scent of alpine herbs, soft cheese made from raw, and whole milk. Is Slow Food. The flavor is sweet and delicate, is the ideal cheese for pies. The smoked Mortandèla in the Val di Non, has a curious patty shape, lightly smoked, Slow Food, and is the sausage typical of the valley. Its size varies according to the size of the hands of the few specialist butchers that still handmade produce it. It can be eaten either raw or cooked with polenta, potatoes and vegetables. It matches perfectly with the "tortei" or potato pie. The Arctic char is a delicious fish reared in the pure mountain springs. In the Val di Non and Val di Sole is very appreciate in the kitchen this freshwater fish, which in these areas is the ideal environment in which to live and grow. And to finish with a nice glass of wine we cannot miss the Groppello di Revò IGT, with these ancient native grapes of this valley from the 500. The vineyards are located along the steep and sunny slopes that descend to the Lake St. Giustina: a wine really extreme! It is a wine to be drunk young with typical dishes.


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