Artistic and gastronomic itineraries in Tuscany

Food and wine tours in Tuscany? Here are the art parks with the best wines of Tuscany, from Carmignano Docg to Brunello of the Montalcino Riserva.
Art, nature and wine, the bucolic ménage à trois that never fails to inspire the minds and bodies of the aesthetes. Here are some food and wine tours related to the gardens of Italian artists. Drinking excellent wine, in the midst of artist’s works. A Seggiano (GR) the spirit is reviving in the Garden Spoerri of the artist Daniel Spoerri (www.danielspoerri.org), artistic place where the 87 fake works of art are mixed with the countryside near Montalcino. Metal, humor and ironic trials are assembled by immortal chisels. And after a walk with a glass of Poliziano Le Stanze 2001 (www.carlettipoliziano.com), in which the balsamic touch of oak and the spicy notes flank the black cherry jam and hints of cassis. Paradox Culture. Absolute integration to the natural environment, since each work was dreamed and built under the space-time prerogatives of the place. It is the Chianti Sculpture Park, in Pievasciata (www.chiantisculpturepark.it), created by Piero Giadrossi to demonstrate the possibility of interaction between different cultures and the planet Earth. The Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia 1999 of the Felsina Farm, Sangiovese from the court of Versailles, cornucopia of violets, coffee and minerals, is poured into the glass with energized enthusiasm (www.felsina.it). Dithyrambs of glass. The childhood world of play, where every single object or color can be transformed into a dragon or a fantasy castle, is the cryptic way of communicating by Niki de Saint Phalle and her Tarocchi Garden in Garavicchio (GR) near Capalbio (www.nikidesaintphalle.com). Grotesque monsters, rides without perspective, Scheherazade castles and lots of mammoth toys. In his hand, between jokes, a glass of Caliscana Fior Fiore 2005: Ansonica rare vine, pale straw color, fragrant white flowers and ripe fruit of the heart of Maremma (www.caliscana.it). Children extravagance. Nature and "environmental art” imagined in a sweet and tender love meeting, the embrace between the poetry and passion without chains of lovers. The Farm of Celle and Santomato in Pistoia (www.goricoll.it) has spiritualized the Land Art and considered it essential in its purity. Robert Morris, Fausto Melotti, Sol LeWitt and Michelangelo Pistoletto open their hearts to the artistic enchantment of nature. A park where to have to taste the Dolce Sera (www.fattoriadelteso.it) is an adulterous pleasure. Sweet vines of Trebbiano and Colombana, hints of candied fruit, caramel and dried flowers, with furtive almond cakes and matured cheeses. Romance of the infidels. The road to wisdom must necessarily pass through the mysticism of the words, whether Latin or Romance. Sheppard Craige led by America in San Giovanni d'Asso (SI) his philosophy. The Wood of Ragnaia (www.laragnaia.com) is one of his gigantic works, based on the reasoning of the Renaissance garden and the alchemical madness of the words. Semantically it comes to the truth, but first you need to enjoy the spectacle of nature. All that remains is to feel the Brunello of Montalcino Riserva 2001 Donatella Cinelli Colombini (www.cinellicolombini.it): an opulent bouquet of blueberries, currants and violets, with memories of leather and tobacco, and a grand palate final of black cherry and plum. Symmetry of words. An artistic garden within the city of Florence, with 200 works by the sculptor Enzo Pazzagli, carries the lover of romance in a surreal beauty as each seems to create itself, silent and motionless on the horizon of the Arno. A railroad passes through this monothematic park (www.pazzagli.com), to remind the passenger that the art is fleeting. The coated steel churns out innumerable works, both large and small. Among the small creatures it is necessary to drink the Carmignano Docg Riserva 2000 (www.piaggia.com), important Sangiovese red, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Palpable hints of red berries, vanilla and licorice. Reflections of steel.


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