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New Wine Production
In Italy is becoming increasingly popular the production of "new wine", considered by many a lower quality wine, although being the expression of autumn and of the harvest
Piedmontese cuisine at the Sant’Uffizio Inn
Holidays in Piedmont? Obligatory stop at the hotel-restaurant in Monferrato, the Sant’Uffizio Inn
Sangiovese Grosso from Svoltacarrozze
Wine and food in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Ein Prosit
The Encyclopedia Garzanti of Wine
Margherita Di Battista, wine labels graphic designer!
For the label "La Riserva del Sommelier 2009", the Italian Association of Sommeliers of Lombardy, with the sponsorship of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera has organized a design competition for the students of the prestigious University of Milan. The winner is Margherita Di Battista of the Course of Painting, Graphic of wine labels. To create labels for wine has become a real art!
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