Piedmontese cuisine at the Sant’Uffizio Inn

Holidays in Piedmont? Obligatory stop at the hotel-restaurant in Monferrato, the Sant’Uffizio Inn
An old house in the heart of Monferrato, surrounded by vineyards and pretty villages of red brick, immersed in greenery and contemplative silence that evoke an atmosphere of 500th, when it hosted a monastery. At the time the Dominicans here, defenders of the harsh rules of the ecclesiastical court, raised silkworms in the attic and produced wine for the Mass. So good as to arouse the envy of the Franciscans that in the nearby Moncalvo were tenants of three convents. The rest is common history with the other property of the clergy. Dismembered by Napoleon, then returned to its rightful owners; then abandoned and after reborn to new life in the '80s when it became one of the stages of gourmet food and wine tours in Piedmont. For a long time, goal of a refined elite tourism, the Sant’Uffizio Inn is known for such international overtime gourmet delicacies that come from an expert review of Piedmontese cuisine. Placed in the heart of the truffle region, the Inn also proposes a rich and rare range of brands of wine. Surrounded by generous and valuable vines, entrusts their grapes to the hands of winemakers of the wineries BAVA of Cocconato d’Asti, adding to other labels its " Barbera d’Asti podere del Sant’Uffizio”. The restaurant, not far from Asti and recently restored, has brought to view the original flowers paintings. Meals can be tasted in the glass-enclosed veranda, next to the restaurant, overlooking the beautiful Italian garden. The restaurant of the Inn is open daily for dinner with special menu containing delicious fish recipes, such as: noodles with lobster, black truffle and bisque. www.locandadelsantuffizio.net


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