Restaurants in Langhe? Only haute cuisine

Among the restaurants in Langhe are few to stand for quality and research and haute cuisine. Food and wine tours in the Langhe between the gourmet restaurants.
Restaurants in the Langhe? It is always a problem deciding where to go and enjoy a feast of wild mushrooms, some typical pasta of the Piedmont or try the exciting and always legendary white truffle of Alba. ItaliaSquisita tried for you several restaurants in the Langhe with haute cuisine, from Barolo to Barbaresco, passing also throw Roero, touching also the city par excellence of the Langhe, Alba. Not only white truffle among the fabulous food and wine tours but also this: the best restaurants in the Langhe! Restaurants in Langhe? We begin in the fourth with the Piazza Duomo in Alba of Enrico Crippa. The restaurant two Michelin stars surprised diners for two main reasons: the colorful creativity that is inspired by Japan and the unique choice of ingredients. A unique experience thanks to the Roasted Sambucano Lamb, chamomile and goat's milk. Downstairs the Langhe tradition is being offered in Piola, more strongly than the spectacular imagination of the Piazza Duomo. New and essential contribution of the sommelier Mauro Mattei. www.piazzaduomoalba.it Also in Alba, but slightly shifted to the Madonna di Como, there is the Locanda del Pilone with Chef Alberto Zago. Under the influence of Antonino Cannavacciuolo, the kitchen of Locanda del Pilone is extremely close to the territory and its producers. It is a healthy and intelligent opportunity to taste traditional dishes like sardines in sauce or veal with tuna sauce in a creative and delicious way.  www.locandadelpilone.com Arriving in Barbaresco, in Treiso to be exact, you can enter the elegant world of La Ciau del Tornavento, of Maurilio Garola and Nadia Benech. He, inspired and imaginary chef, she - rational and olfactory sommelier at 5 stars. Polenta and foie gras with chicken livers and hazelnut, Fried frog Legs with herbs and more of the tradition presented in a polished and delicious way, always served with Barolo and Barbaresco. Their winery is in fact as an art exhibit, on display and boast all over the world. www.laciaudeltornavento.it A few miles away is Villa d'Amelia in Benevello, comfortable relay and gourmet restaurant in the hand of chef Damiano Nigro. A cuisine very intelligent, intriguing with clear and well defined taste. The Shrimp stew with polenta, the Ravioli of sausage with salmon soup, Cream of potato and hazelnuts with raw scallops: splendid examples of fusion tradition - innovation. If you ask a chef a menu in the dark, Damiano Nigro will accept the challenge and will amaze you with very interesting dishes. www.villadamelia.com Crossing the river Tanaro and making a big jump in the other area of excellence, Roero, we arrive at the Enoteca di Canale of the chef Davide Palluda. Eclectic chef always smiling and cheering, propose a cuisine fresh, young and very exciting: the Fassone from head to feet, Scallops and seared sweetbreads, mushrooms and pink grapefruit and vegetables of the own garden are hymns to the regional and Italian cuisine. Large bottles can accompany the dishes at any time, thanks to the wisdom of his sister Ivana Palluda.  www.davidepalluda.it Finally we go in the provincial capital, at the restaurant Delle Antiche Contrade in Cuneo. The chef Luigi Taglienti is young, wild and never loses an opportunity to try his new creations. The Ravioli with coriander, Lattume of tuna and salted butter, Anchovy marinated, the Italian-style foie gras, Poached egg with coffee, Celeriac and white truffle are dishes truly exceptional and very creative. Go to the restaurant owner Giorgio Chiesa is to experience and relax at the same time in a private room, a magical place next to the kitchen where Luigi Taglienti  brings the dishes as an experienced waiter. www.antichecontrade.it


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