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The mise en place of Stefano Baiocco
"Beyond" cookbooks is Loretta Fanella
The book of Loretta Fanella, beloved signature pastry.
The recipes "Pop" by Davide Oldani
“Pop. The next great Italian cuisine " is the story of a world, that of D'O, and his soul. Some people who work there, dishes that are cooked, projects that animate it. And the chef who has transformed a dream into a solid reality: Davide Oldani.
Recipe books? The fresh pasta of Roberta Schira
On March 25th, 2010, at the restaurant Rigoletto in Reggiolo (RE) Chef Gianni D'Amato, the pasta will become "signaled". It will be introduced the book by Roberta Schira "The fresh filled pasta - techniques, recipes and history of an ancient art”, text that, among cookbooks, explain to experts and novices in the kitchen secrets of an Italian specialty.
Cookbooks: " La cucina quanto basta " by Sapo Matteucci
Unlike other cookbooks in this there are several different indexes at the end: you can find a recipe by ingredient, dish type and category of food.
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Cancer Research and the recipe books
From the series directed by gourmet journalist Allan Bay "the greedy reader", comes a very useful book to understand and interpret twenty ingredients of good health.
Alfonso Caputo in Gribaudo cookbooks
The chef of Taverna del Capitano Nerano, Alfonso Caputo, debut among the books of recipes Gribaudo, exploring with art the cuisine of Marina del Cantone and the Amalfi Coast.
The Egg Kok by Aldo Buzzi
The egg kok by Aldo Buzzi, published by Adelphi Press, is a wonderful essay on the culinary culture of Italy.
Science in the Kitchen by Peter Barham
Scientific explanations of cooking and useful collections recipes in the book "Science in the Kitchen" by Peter Barham, published by Bollati Boringhieri
Health comes from eating
"Health comes from eating" is a delicious recipe book of Alexander Circiello, winner of Solidus
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