The mise en place of Stefano Baiocco

When it comes to cookbooks we think only to recipes, ingredients and any tools needed to create the dish, but with the manual of chef Stefano Baiocco these formalities are not met. We are talking instead of a spiritual journey through culinary and artistic compositions, where the photos blend to the bright history of the star chef. Retro images with his teachers, Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adrià primarily, portraits of memorable dishes such as Creme caramel of chicken liver or the Cappuccino turnip tops, and then the splendid panoramic Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli (www.villafeltrinelli.com) laboratory of the late nineteenth century where Stefano Baiocco works and surprises people. A book to contemplate, chew with grace and finally store inside. Every day. "Mise en Place" Zafferano Publisher Italian and English Language 302 pages 100 euro


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