Health comes from eating

"Health comes from eating" is a delicious recipe book of Alexander Circiello, winner of Solidus
Taste, emotions and especially health. Because the cook should be "health promoter" like Alessandro Circiello said. In his cookbook, the author shows an innovative path for the "new cuisine": starting from a solid foundation to review the traditional regional cuisine, using professional techniques of haute cuisine; affirm (with a minimalist style) product, menu, dish and environment; nourishing the body in a healthy way, satisfying each of the five senses and, therefore, the intellect. The kitchen, therefore, is regarded as an eminently cultural act, where the choice of food is influenced by environment and circumstances. Without neglecting the coupling with other sensations (such as those given by the music, for example) make the experience of eating full and total. Finally, the time element has to be considered as "all the dishes have their own time in relation to taste." The recipes in the book are based on these principles, but they are mainly a unique pleasure to enjoy and savor. "Health comes from eating" Pubbliedi Italian Language 287 pages 20 euro


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