Alfonso Caputo in Gribaudo cookbooks

The chef of Taverna del Capitano Nerano, Alfonso Caputo, debut among the books of recipes Gribaudo, exploring with art the cuisine of Marina del Cantone and the Amalfi Coast.
In a breathtaking place of our planet, Marina del Cantone on the Amalfi Coast, could not miss a cuisine at level of the scene. The author of this creative culinary goodness is the chef Alfonso Caputo, who with his Taverna del Capitano a Nerano re-established the contact between real products and the stellar cuisine of Campania. From “Caciottina with lemon fragrance” at the amazing fish Palamito, unknown but elegant substitute of tuna, the chef wallows among the recipes to make them lighter and friendlier. Fantasy increases with Risotto Carnaroli, cork bark, chestnuts and grapes before returning to the truer territory, with Tubettoni with redfish cooked in its own souce. lfonso and Mariella Caputo have transformed this simple "tavern" in a place of intellectual pleasure, where the emotions do not disdain to amuse. This book of Gribaudo shows beautiful photos of recipes, always classy and in chromatic harmony. The mille-feuille of tomatoes and ricciola is incredibly simple, while the smoked croaker with lemon peel is a tribute to the magic coast. A very intriguing book for a chef equally intriguing. Gribaudo docet. "La Taverna del Capitano Alfonso Caputo" Gribaudo Edition Italian Language 224 pages 45 euro


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