New Wine Production

In Italy is becoming increasingly popular the production of "new wine", considered by many a lower quality wine, although being the expression of autumn and of the harvest
The new wine is the taste of early autumn, anticipation of fonts and colors of the new harvest. New wine does not mean "new" wine: if we think at the origin of the French model of new wine - Beaujolais Nouveau - on which underlay the Italian production of this type of wine, the explanation is simple. This drink comes from a particular production and very different from the "usual" wine (which is why it is often not considered wine). This method, devised by a team of French researchers in 1934, included the maintenance of clusters at low temperature into contact with carbon dioxide. In recent years, the fashion of new wine has infected the consumption and production of new Italian wine. But how does a wine to be ready a few weeks after the grape harvest? The secret is called "carbonic maceration", from which springs a very fragrant wine. From the many new wine labels we want a soft, round and fruity character. Currently the production of new wine in Italy, although different in our country - depending on the climatic conditions of the territory of origin and varietal wines - is much more abundant in the center and north, while the South and the Islands produce it in little quantities or almost null.


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