Margherita Di Battista, wine labels graphic designer!

For the label "La Riserva del Sommelier 2009", the Italian Association of Sommeliers of Lombardy, with the sponsorship of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera has organized a design competition for the students of the prestigious University of Milan. The winner is Margherita Di Battista of the Course of Painting, Graphic of wine labels. To create labels for wine has become a real art!
Thursday, November 26th at 12.00 in the Hall Napoleon of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, the Italian Association of Sommeliers of Lombardy, has awarded the "passions developed by the artistic thrill" of the student paint Margherita di Battista with a scholarship. The label called "swirling Dionysian" Margaret explains: "... it is inspired by futurism geometric shapes, but also to Nietzsche that describes in The Birth of Tragedy the intensity of the Dionysian passions unleashed by the  artistic thrill ....". The choice was not easy: over thirty graphic projects submitted by students of various courses (not only painting but also Set Design, Sculpture, Graphic and Applied Arts). For this reason, appreciating the high level of projects and the commitment of the students, AIS decided to award two other works of Milo Marcon and Ester Castelnuovo and collect all the papers presented in a virtual catalog on its online site www.aislombardia.com


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