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Food and wine tours recommended by Pietro D’agostino
Pietro D’agostino, one of the great Italian chefs, of the restaurant La Capinera (Taormina) track for us food and wine tours in Sicily
Itinerari enogastronomici consigliati da Pietro D’agostino
Pietro D’agostino, uno dei grandi chef italiani, del ristorante La Capinera (Taormina) traccia per noi itinerari enogastronomici in Sicilia
In Milan exclusive Sicilian recipes
From 8th to 21th March will be on stage in Acanto of Milan, the art of Pietro D'Agostino, chef awarded with a Michelin star for the excellent proposals that offers at his gourmet restaurant La Capinera, in Taormina. It is a unique opportunity for Milan, to taste the taste of land and sea of Sicily under the umbrella of a signature page.
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