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Cooking limiting the environmental impact
Interview of the foodblogger of, Lisa Casali, and author of a beautiful book of recipes: "Cooking on impact (almost) zero
Sonia Piscicelli and her blog Pasto nudo (Naked Lunch)!
Interview with one of the most "beat" food bloggers of the network: Sonia Piscicelli, aka Izn, of the blog Il pasto nudo (The Naked Lunch)
Foodies in Rome
Some comments on the day of March 6th, when in Rome, the most famous Italian foodbloggers met
Sandra Salerno, a real touch of ginger!
Salerno, Sandra, aka "A touch of ginger" (“Un tocco di zenzero”), says why and how to create a food blog. Word of educated and talented foodblogger.
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