Cooking limiting the environmental impact

Interview of the foodblogger of ecocucina.org, Lisa Casali, and author of a beautiful book of recipes: "Cooking on impact (almost) zero
There are many the authors of Italian blogs of cuisine that carve out their virtual space to share the primary passion for food, recipes and their work in the kitchen. Lisa Casali, foodblogger of ecocucina.org, took the path of on-line teller for a strong interest in environmental issues, which then conjugated to the growing call to the culinary sphere. From there arose the project of the cooking blog for transmitting to visitors all the enthusiasm of its editor for a healthy cuisine that weigh less environmental impact. It take start a few years ago, the laboratory of Lisa, together with her friend Tommaso Fara, experiments with post-modern recipes with what is usually considered a waste (peel, outer leaves, woody stems, bark, bones). The two proponents of this revolutionary project write a book "Cooking at impact (almost) zero”, and, although initially were not able to get it out (published by Gribaudo in October 2010), continue to go their own way, confident of a positive future. So opens the cooking blog ecocucina.org whose goal is to raise awareness and intrigue people on a concept of cooking related to cost savings and energy savings. The message that in every post or recipe Lisa throws, is related to simple rules, even call them tricks, that each of us can observe with minimal effort: to prepare healthy dishes, preferring plant products, whose production has a lower impact on environment; for a more energy-efficient cooking use a pressure cooker to shorten the preparation time of the harshest ingredients (such as the fibrous stalks of vegetables); try to use the short chain, to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, perhaps by inserting in a gas group in order to create a direct relationship and trust with the producer; choose the ingredients according to the seasons and prefer an organic diet. This last point is especially important if you think that if you use the external parts of plants, to not poison, you must choose foods that are not covered with pesticides or organic nitrates and ... the off-season does not exist! So small steps that, however, lead to more informed purchasing decisions and criticism. To discover the Ecoworld  of Lisa: www.ecocucina.org


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