Sonia Piscicelli and her blog Pasto nudo (Naked Lunch)!

Interview with one of the most "beat" food bloggers of the network: Sonia Piscicelli, aka Izn, of the blog Il pasto nudo (The Naked Lunch)
Sonia Piscicelli, aka Izn, young food blogger of Neapolitan origin, but by adoption Roman, twenty years tells us the location and expansion - should I say explosion – of her elegant blog “Il pasto nudo”. It all began from a passion for food - by curiosity and a drive towards healthy eating and awareness beyond the main ingredient, namely the taste - that is intertwined with her profession of web site graphic designer. Proceeding in stages: Izn moved to Rome at eighteen and, by necessity, learned to cook, bringing with her the wealth of recipes and feelings related to the traditional cuisine of her mother. In the capital, attended the European Institute of Design, and then treat the graphic point of view of several sites since the dawn of the Internet in Italy. She then approached the world of blogs, working first with one of another author, ensuring a column for cooking aware, immediately followed, then started his own blog: Il pasto nudo precisely. Il pasto nudo is a blog that ranges over various topics related to food and cuisine, from traditional Italian cuisine and world cuisine to the nutritional biotherapy (branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of disease with proper nutrition). Text and wonderful photos make the recipes published - and first reproduced at home - by Izn: Italian or foreign traditional recipes, but that claim the use of local produce and especially seasonal (with suggestions on where you can find them); when the raw material is unavailable or too foreign to our conception of the kitchen, Izn suggests a replacement. The site also contains several sections, including one devoted to chefs that she interview and of which she savor the delicacies, and which provides recipes, pictures of the dishes ... but only the simple and ingenious, always with a view of a healthy diet. How to create a cooking blog then? From the practical point of view, explains Izn, it's easy because you just use wordpress or a similar program - though they are rather rigid platforms - although the look and feel, which is very important, it is always better to trust the hands of an expert. As for the creativity, the discourse is broader. Like writing Naked Lunch by Burroughs, during which the poet launched into the air the pages of his work and then reassemble them completely random, so the talent must be the basis of any creative act: from the blog to the kitchen. The author of a blog as well as the cook must be open to influence and absorb any type of contamination, then mix it all in an explosive artistic result. www.ilpastonudo.it


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