Foodies in Rome

Some comments on the day of March 6th, when in Rome, the most famous Italian foodbloggers met
We talked about the March on Rome of foodbloggers held March 6th in Rome, where the most famous Italian foodbloggers met. Well, for those who have followed the trip, here are some comments about what happened, but unfortunately we were not there in person: "I felt really among friends" from Fiordilatte "Together we dream better, build higher and brighter castles in the air, and together they also bring into reality the foundation for those who are daydreaming." by JulsKitchen "The next ideas ... They came out many, varied and are already taking shape: the creation of a website, a meeting abroad, a couple of internships in theme to share … the imagination embroider fast and  when the imagination sees, the realization is only a matter of time "by Cavoliamerenda Congratulations to all and good luck for the future!


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