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Le Fooding arrives in Italy - are you ready?
Le Fooding arrives in Milan October 15th, 2010. Are you ready for the most surprising event of the year?
Tickets for Fooding in Milan!
The advance sale of tickets for the Fooding event for the readers of ItaliaSquisita!
Craft beer at the Beer Village 2010
The Village Beer 2010 will take place in Bibbiano, Buonconvento (SI), in the inside and outside space of the TNT PUB, 11 and 12 of September 2010.
Food and wine events? At dinner in the cellars
In May-June, between food and wine events in the province of Vicenza: At dinner in the cellars. Tasting wines combined with traditional dishes.
Terroir Wine by Filippo Ronco
Terroir Wine 2010 by Filippo Ronco, between food and wine events, a key step to find enofile gems. At the Cotton Warehouses of Genoa.
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