Terroir Wine by Filippo Ronco

Terroir Wine 2010 by Filippo Ronco, between food and wine events, a key step to find enofile gems. At the Cotton Warehouses of Genoa.
Terroir Wine is the brainchild of the Editorial Board TigullioVino.it, reference point for information on wine and food on web in Italy from April 2000.  As Filippo Ronco tells us, one of the originators of the event – wine and informatics lover who finds in the creation of TigullioVino.it a solid alliance to disseminate their knowledge and interact with fans and professionals - the design of Terroir Wine part after a couple of years since the site was created. The event, which consists of a presentation to the press, professionals and readers of the site, of the best selection of wines and producers identified over the years through the work of two committees tasters, originated in a small restaurant of Liguria. Year after year, assuming ever more significant, change location, up to lead this year (the sixth edition of the meeting) to the Porto Antico, in the convention center of cotton warehouses in Genoa.  The event has reached such a turnout of wine lovers that the organizers have also added some very interesting satellite events. First, the Vinix Unplugged Unconference (6 June 2010): Vinix to resume the name of the social network of wine professionals, Unplugged because will be live (and not in virtual reality) and Unconference?  Well, this word is meant to show the appearance of the informal conference, which will not develop a single theme but different actors may propose different topics - about the web, online interaction and the world of wine and food - to treat 5 / 10 minutes, with discussion following. So a kind of forum itself, at the actual size! The other fascinating satellite event takes the title of Garage Wines Contest (also will take place June 6th): national competition dedicated to the wines crafted at home. The committees for the event of Tigullio have tasted thirty samples of wines for inclusion in the contest: Filippo Ronco has announced that among these are real gems, very interesting! Who knows maybe from this window display, which is Terroir Wine, will emerge new major wine producers. www.terroirvino.it


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