Le Fooding arrives in Italy - are you ready?

Le Fooding arrives in Milan October 15th, 2010. Are you ready for the most surprising event of the year?
Gourmet Events in Milan? Prepare for Le Fooding 2010! Started in 2000, "Le Fooding" is a unique event of its kind, a surprising mix of haute cuisine, music, design and art. The event, designed by Alexandre Cammas, known wine journalist, founder of the guide with the same name, arrives in Milan October 15, 2010 for an exceptional evening on the idea of "eating with your hands”. Le Fooding starts from the contraction of «food» and «feeling». The idea of the founder, Alexandre Cammas, is clear and simple: "we are accustomed to an approach too strict, perhaps too scientific, to the signature cuisine; I want that people rediscover the desire to "play with food", even if we have been taught that is wrong, to exploit the emotions, the environment, the feelings that the food can trigger. In short, I wish that at the event  Le Fooding people get excited, and discover a new way of loving the signature cuisine. From a guide, written by Alexandre and from his team, returns to develop the "empathetic" aspects of the tested restaurants, began the organizing of a series of events, first in France, then in the United States, New York, in which the protagonist is the good food, not an end in itself, but likely to involve all the senses through a mix of artists, deejays, designers. Last year the New York edition, hosted at MOMA, was an unexpected success: David Chang and other international gastronomy stars let know the joy of culinary discovery to more than 3000 people that attended the event, titled “Le Fooding d’Amour”. This year, for the ten-year anniversary of the foundation, take place the Italian overture: October 15, in the particular frame of Via Tortonan.31, will perform some of the best Italian and international chef like Carlo CraccoMassimo BotturaDavide Scabin, René Redzepi, David Chang, Iñaki Aizpitarte… All this topped by the sound of big DJs appreciated worldwide as The Crookers and many others. The unconventional designer, Paolo Ulian, draw for the occasion some “booklets of instructions" that allow our guests to face with the fingers the dishes that the chefs will prepare. Nicolai Lilin, author of "Siberian Education" and "Free Fall", also known for his work as a tattoo artist, will prepare stamps "like tattoos", which will serve to recognize the event's participants. This year's theme? "Eating with your hands" and there are amazing performance by our Italian chefs, selected because "a bit 'rock in the spirit, as the evening." For only 25 euro per person the Milan population and not only will have the chance to experience a unique path between entertainment and haute cuisine. ItaliaSquisita had the pleasure of meet Alexandre Cammas and his PR for Italy Alessia Rizzetto, and is in the forefront to inform, tell and share with you the expectation of the event in Milan. Follow the tag to discover one of the most exciting events in Milan! Nothing like Alexandre Cammas may explain the spirit of the event, here is our video interview:


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