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Interview with Chef Flavio Faedi
Video interview with Chef Flavio Faedi of the restaurant Vespasia inside Palazzo Seneca Norcia!
Interview with Chef Andrea Ribaldone
Video interview with Chef Andrea Ribaldone of the restaurant La Fermata in Alessandria!
The upside down pizza of Rosanna Marziale
Rosanna Marziale, chef of haute cuisine of the restaurant Le Colonne in Caserta, has invented an incredible pizza. And delicious!
XVII Public Symposium of high pastry
From 7th to 10th of November 2010, the group of 53 members of the Academy of Italian Pastry Chefs Masters met in Brescia for the XVII Public Symposium
Food and wine events: TrentoDoc on the roads
The Bubbles TrentoDoc absolute protagonists along the Wine and Flavors Road of the Trentino from 25th of November 2010 to 9th of January, 2011
Restaurants in Campania? Il Papavero at Eboli
Among the restaurants in Campania, Teresa Di Napoli, a young chef at the restaurant Il Papavero in Eboli, describes her gourmet philosophy.
Restaurant Guide “Gola in viaggio” by Alice TV
The Gola in Viaggio, published by Sitcom Editore, is a new restaurant guide 2011 by Alice TV.
Angelo D'Amico and the garlic, oil and chili recipe
The garlic, oil and chili recipe? The Chef Angelo D'Amico will explain to us, from the Barry restaurant in Montesarchio (BN). Garlic, oil and chili, Italian pasta is amazing!
Fabio Barbaglini at the Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle
Fabio Barbaglini took his fantasy at the restaurant La Cassolette, gourmet place of Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle (AO).
Nicolò Bagna at the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano
The story of Nicolò Bagna, sous chef of Norbert Niederkofler of the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano (BZ).
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