Restaurants in Campania? Il Papavero at Eboli

Among the restaurants in Campania, Teresa Di Napoli, a young chef at the restaurant Il Papavero in Eboli, describes her gourmet philosophy.
Although it is young and has not made great hoard of experiences, the culinary imprint of Teresa Di Napoli, the chef at Il Papavero at Eboli (SA), is quite comprehensive and addressed. The owner of the restaurant, Maurizio Somma, has well understood the concept of the great raw materials of the great chef, the desire to make simple dishes; the direction is the extent of combinations, to have "good taste” in the mouth is the fundamental factor in her kitchen. "My cuisine is simple and flavor. The tradition comes from my family and me, since childhood, I was a great taster: at three years I already ate tripe! The innovation in the dishes instead comes from everyday life, from markets in the morning, the fishmonger, when sampling a single ingredient. I'm crazy for example, for the Artichoke Nostrano of Paestum, the Cilento figs, the chickpeas blacks from Puglia, the Oliveto Citra Bean and for the Hazelnuts of Giffoni. I like the fish, the tuna and the sea bass of our Gulf of Salerno”. Teresa is by gourmet nature simple, but creates explosives and atomic dishes: The Artichoke stuffed with shrimp, the apocalyptic Risotto, Cilento figs, pistachios and smoked Provola cheese, or the Variation of Tuna (raw, blanched and marinated), the spectacular autumnal Chestnut mousse with disks of pastry and chocolate and hazelnuts of Giffoni crunchy. Tastes and knowledge of tradition, talent and star of creative cuisine, love and humor always to the stars. Among the restaurants in Eboli, Teresa Di Napoli has a great future ahead and Maurizio Somma cannot but rejoice: his great project has started to take off, so simple and delicious. Restaurants in Campania? Il Papavero at Eboli, the chef Teresa Di Napoli and Maurizio Somma (in Eboli, Corso Garibaldi 112, tel 0828 330689).


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