Food and wine events: TrentoDoc on the roads

The Bubbles TrentoDoc absolute protagonists along the Wine and Flavors Road of the Trentino from 25th of November 2010 to 9th of January, 2011
51 restaurants, taverns and farm houses, 11 wine bars and shelters, 16 wine bars and shops of handicrafts, including 20 hotels and resorts with accommodation and 18 wineries producing TrentoDoc: these are the numbers "TrentoDoc on The Roads", one of the food and wine events that will involve more than one month some of the best companies associated with the Flavor and Wine Road of Trentino. From the last week of November, for the entire month of December and until January 9th of next year, for the important meeting of Bollicine su Trento held in Roccabruna Palace, the Roads of Wine and Flavors of Trentino participate in the great feast dedicated to the classic method sparkling wine from Trentino, the TrentoDoc. They do this by directly involving, with a proposal highly diversified that embraces the whole Trentino, restaurants, farms, wine bars, lodges, wineries, hotels who share the roads with the great sensitivity towards the enhancement of food and wine of the area. For the lovers of fine cuisine the chefs of the restaurants, taverns and farmhouses have studied different dishes and tasting menus to enhance the bubbles in question. For those who prefers the atmosphere of the aperitif, selected wine bar and a few shelters in the mountains it is promoted every Thursday "Happy TRENTODOC" or fancy cocktails with sparkling wine from Trentino as a protagonist. Even the wine bars and shops of handicrafts are actively involved in creating, within their own spaces, corners dedicated exclusively to the sparkling wine from Trentino. www.stradedelvinodeltrentino.it


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