Fabio Barbaglini at the Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle

Fabio Barbaglini took his fantasy at the restaurant La Cassolette, gourmet place of Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle (AO).
Great Italian chefs: Fabio Berbaglini The choices of Fabio Barbaglini (www.fabiobarbaglini.com) are immediately determined and clear, and require completely changing the organization of the restaurant La Cassolette kitchen of the Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle (AO). The restaurant "La Fenêtre" which hosted first the guests of the hotel, with more "normal" dishes compared to the gourmet choices of "La Cassolette" is closed. The offer must be the same for internal and external customers; excellence should always be able to be chosen. Fabio has clear ideas about it: "Why differentiate between Series A and Series B? The challenge of luxury welcoming is to offer the highest excellence to large numbers. I think in a hotel of this standard, each guest should be treated with absolute respect. So now guests of any age or origin sit in “La Cassolette” and can choose from more traditional courses or creative dishes”. The choice is diverse and combines excellent raw materials, creativity, classic dishes and a room full of moments that get to serve 80/100 persons. Now customers can choose between different types of menus, freely. For example, the “Minceur” which provides two courses for 35 euro, for any dish you choose. It is the same for the "Bien-être" three-course, always with water, amuse-bouche and pastries, at 60 euro, and so on. In this way, with a composite and varied menu, plus two specials dishes of the day always different, "La Cassolette" of the Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle is able to satisfy customers who stay a week with half board, without ever neither boring nor repeat the same proposals. For the gourmets is reserved the appointment on Friday night and a secluded room, where they can thoroughly enjoy the creativity of Fabio Barbaglini with the menu “Puro”, pleasure of a tasting tour of 9 courses. Some examples? Zucchini flowers stuffed with quartirolo  and trombette cream, Soup of grapes with ravioli of pheasant, foie gras and shallots and oranges, Cassis, eucalyptus and green apple soda and green tea and chocolate mille-feuille, toffee sauce with beer. Congratulations to Fabio Barbaglini and his restaurant La Cassolette of the Mont Blanc Hotel Village in La Salle (AO). Info: www.hotelmontblanc.it


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