Homemade pizza: the new book by pizza maker Davide Civitiello

After the enormous success of its videos on the web, ItaliaSquisita publishes an unedited collection of recipes, technical insights and masterclasses on dough styles and leavenings. The goal is to help enthusiasts from all over the world to reach a new level of practice and awareness of homemade pizza.
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Davide Civitiello, born in 1984, is a famous and award-winning Neapolitan pizza maker who has opened hundreds of restaurants around the world. He is one of most loved and searched Italian professionals, the first Neapolitan pizza master who have put his great experience at the service of homemade pizza lovers. It was 2017, in fact, when Davide created a video recipe dedicated to homemade Neapolitan pizza. A video tutorial that today we could define in some way "historical", able not only to put the exclamation point on gastronomic edutainment in Italy and abroad but also to launch a real trend - let's remember that, with 10 million views, it is today the most viewed Italian videos about pizza.

Since then a lot of doughs have risen, there have been many preparations that Davide wanted to share in front of the
ItaliaSquisita cameras: party desserts, variants of classic and contemporary pizzas, calzoni, deep-fried pizzas and lots of focus on the ingredients and techniques underlying the most famous pizza in the world. A succession of memories, gestures and weights that over the time have built a real recipe book, technical and personal, which tells not only the past but also the future of Neapolitan pizza. All this work now finds an "analogical expression", where the professional's experience is translated analytically and outside the limits of the video medium: a book, which is therefore the crowning achievement of a path modeled on needs of the public but who has the ambition to lead enthusiasts to a new level of practice and awareness of the pizza product. 

A volume in which Davide Civitiello has collected and explained through precious masterclasses all the styles and methodologies for making a real pizza in the domestic oven, with tips and tricks that come directly from his endless professional adventures in Naples and around the world. A colorful journey into traditional doughs and toppings, seen through the gastronomic imagination of a great professional expert; a journey that - thanks to the important contribution of his friend chef Antonio Sorrentino and various technicians from the industry - was then extended to the various leavenings, technical insights on ingredients, typical breads, party specialties, to show how pizza is the fundamental hub of a much larger and more ancient history, that of the "white art" of Campania.

The book, published in Italian and English, can be purchased on the shop of the ItaliaSquisita publishing house 
Hardcover: 196 pages 
Format: 16.5x22 cm Italian language

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