Recipes and stories of the Sicilian cuisine

The recipes created by chefs for the Pellegrino Cooking Festival are collected in the excellent book entitled "Le Torri della Cucina”, edited by Martino Ragusa and published by Trenta Publisher
The Pellegrino Cooking Festival is the cultural event of the table that by six years, every September, is housed in the towers of Charles Pellegrino winery in Marsala, the historic winery that is celebrating 130 years, famous for producing the sweet wines of Sicily , Pantelleria (Muscat and Passito) and Marsala DOC wines. For the 2009 Edition, Pellegrino called young chefs under 30, as already done in the edition last year, putting into practice the principles of the Manifesto of the National Italian Kitchen. The results were pleasantly surprised and impressed the journalists and food critics’ presents. In the two days were cooked refined dishes perfectly matched with the wines of the land that hosted them: Sicily. In the kitchen there are all young and very promising chefs of Italian cuisine: Enrico Bartolini of "Le Robinie" Angelo Buttelli of “Scacco Matto”,Luca Crostelli of “Borgo San Jacopo”, Alessandro Negrini of “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia”, Agata Osti of “Le Jardin de Russie”, Augusto Pasini of “Dispensa Pani e Vini”, Denis Po of “Dogana”, Marcello Schiavo of“L’arnia del cuciniere”. The recipes created by chefs are now gathered in the beautiful book called "The Towers of Food, edited by Martino Ragusa and published by Trenta. The appointment with the next Pellegrino Cooking Festival is in September when the precious commodity of Sicily will be interpreted by representatives of the consortium "Lombardia Chefs". The meeting between South and North was not chosen random. It wants to connect the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Garibaldi's landing at Marsala. The Unification of Italy also goes by the table!


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