Rice, the Italian Way: the new book by ItaliaSquisita

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the new book by ItaliaSquisita: "Rice, the Italian way". From today until March 21, you can pre-order it on our Shop with an special 10% discount.
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ItaliaSquisita's commitment to exploring contemporary Italian cuisine, and presenting it from always fresh perspectives, continues with a book focused on rice, wich in many ways is a surprsing ingredient. Italy is one of the few countries outside Asia that has developed its own unique rice culture, consisting of carefully selected varieties, a multitude of culinary uses, techniques, and countless original recipes.

The book tells the fascinating journey of rice throughout Italy before leaving the scene to over 100 great chefs, Michelin-starred, creative, and traditional. The masterclasses on cooking techniques and broths will allow the reader to navigate like a professional through the selected rice varieties, culinary uses, the passion for "mantecatura", and the various techniques underlying the 140 recipes in the book.

First and foremost are the risottos, with their creamy and colorful variations, from the coasts to the Italian mountains, passing through the Po Valley, which is the heart of the rice-growing culture in Italy. Then there are recipes rooted in ancient traditions, such as peasant soups or the noble "sartù" and "savarin", baked rice dishes, and opulent timbales; the iconic "arancin*" and "supplì", now gastronomic cult objects, not only in their respective cities of origin. Then rice in leftover recipes, such as stuffed vegetables, "riso al salto" (pan-fried rice), or salads. Lastly, a section dedicated to the most iconic rice-based desserts of the Peninsula.

A book to browse always according to ItaliaSquisita’s unique perspective on contemporary Italian cuisine, a true showcase for original and gourmet dishes that also embraces the universe of "riso all’italiana” (rice, the Italian way).

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