Issue #43 of ItaliaSquisita is out!

The second 2022 issue of ItaliaSquisita among new chef stories, itineraries, raw materials and people; all accompanied by must-see photos!

Issue #43 opens with new ambassador Donato Ascani of Glam in Venice, which in just a few years has become a reference point for the contemporary gastronomic scene: between homages to the Serenissima and nostalgia for Lazio regione, across seafood and vegetable cuisine, playing with instinct and intuition.

Next comes the philosophy of
Caterina Ceraudo's vegetable garden with her Dattilo: a restaurant based in the deepest Calabria, to rediscover plant-based food with a menu based on genuine and completely territorial sustainability. Then we fly to London to meet the great Italian chefs who have brought tradition and haute cuisine to the great Anglo-Saxon Capital, and again a selection of new talents with stories of young chefs who enhance the territory following the footsteps of the great masters like Corrado Assenza and his historic Caffè Sicilia. The tale of iconic Italian cheeses, between trends, geography and historicity is going to lead to Neapolitan pizza, with stories of pizza makers and the use of flour over time.

The Issue continues with the wave of 
Italian gins and a new itinerary to discover a truly gourmet Trieste: tradition and innovation following the advice of Matteo Metullio, Davide De Pra and their Harry's Piccolo. And again an in-depth study all dedicated to the interaction and dialogue between pastry and cuisine and the memory linked to a dish as an art form.

The new Italy is becoming more and more exquisite in the kitchen, and ItaliaSquisita does not miss the opportunity to tell its story in the most elegant, true and consistent way possible. 

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