Issue #42 of ItaliaSquisita is out!


Issue #42 starts with the fascinating story of chef Giuseppe Iannotti from Campania, the new ambassador of ItaliaSquisita, who tells us how to propose a very high cuisine, creative and daughter of a dispassionate research, even outside the usual gastronomic itineraries and have a great success in Italy and abroad.

From the story of chef-craftsman Massimo Spigaroli, following the fog of the "bassa" and all the steps of pork butchery to create the most precious salami in the world, culatello, we will land in Spain, among the colors and Mediterranean scents of the cuisine of Italian chefs in Barcelona. And again, the selection of new talents in the panorama of contemporary Italian cuisine and the fascinating story of Valeria Piccini of the Caino restaurant in the heart of the Maremma, "teacher" of many young people and future chefs of Italian haute cuisine. It then continues with a focus on crescioni, vegetable ingredients that are conquering and enriching modern cuisine, and with a cultural journey, narrated directly by Neapolitans, into the heart of true Neapolitan cuisine.

Then the timeless limoncello in the column dedicated to spirits, a delicious itinerary in an evolving Senigallia, led by Mauro Uliassi and Moreno Cedroni and, finally, an unmissable section dedicated to the search for lost and forgotten foods. Finally, an in-depth look at the theme of "season" with the protagonists of great pastry making.

The new Italy is increasingly exquisite in the kitchen, and ItaliaSquisita does not miss the opportunity to tell the story in the most elegant, true and consistent as possible.

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