Issue #40 of ItaliaSquisita is out!

The new look of ItaliaSquisita magazine continues to be enriched with increasingly exclusive content, stories and breathtaking images, with a textured cover that stands out for its colors and elegant graphics.

Issue #40 recounts the incredible story of Salvatore Tassa, the new ambassador of taste and interpreter of an avant-garde cuisine that starts from the peasant and rural world of his Ciociaria region (near Rome), and Alfonso Iaccarino, the undisputed protagonist in the "il Maestro" column for his adventurous life on the Amalfi Coast. Then we travel to Copenhagen to discover the Italians who represent an important part of the local haute cuisine, and to Cagliari, with its renewed gourmet scene.

As always, this issue celebrates the Italian spirit and its excellences internationally recognized: the sea of Procida, with the recent nomination as Italian Capital of Culture 2022, and Italian ice cream, unanimously recognized as the icon of our "walking pastry", and again the vegetable evolution in haute cuisine together with the importance of wild and rare herbs from the North to the South of Italy. Finally, the Italian ritual of the aperitif, from the 1700s to today's trends, and the usual selection of new talents of Italian cuisine.

Women and men, masters and disciples, territories and ingredients, in search of the new, but always starting from the flavors of a great past. 

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