Taste of Milan 2010

Taste of Milan. The Sempione Park, from 23 to 26 of September 2010, will be transformed into the largest ever temporary restaurant set up in the city, with 12 of the best restaurants in Milan for the first time together and to propose to all lovers of good food and haute cuisine unique gourmet experience.
Compose the menu to your taste; choose from famous chefs tasting dishes, accompanied by a glass of wine all in a pleasant outdoor environment entertained by good music in the background. All this will be possible to do in September, from 23 to 26 of September 2010, Taste of Milan, during the first Italy edition in a format designed by Brand Events UK and launched in London in 2004. The idea was to create an event to celebrate the excellence and variety of the best restaurants in London and its chefs, who was both a pleasant and enjoyable event to bring the general public to high quality kitchen and food and wine and celebrating a lifestyle. All outdoors, in the heart of the city. Today, after six years, Taste of London reaches 50,000 visitors in Regent's Park and has become a must for all gourmets. The great success at the public and visitors has led to export the event in other cities and countries: Edinburgh, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Dublin and now Milan in September. At any event a huge success with the public authorities and the catering industry. THE TWELVE GREAT CHEFS OF THE SCENE Success which surely will be repeated because the Sempione Park in Milan, for four days, will be transformed into the largest ever temporary restaurant set up in the city, with 12 of the best restaurants in Milan for the first time together to propose to all lovers of good table and haute cuisine unique gourmet experience. These are the names of chefs who will work together, providing the public their skills, outdoor cooking and having fun while also taking lessons and cooking classes: Omar Allievi, Bianca Restaurant Andrea Berton, Trussardi alla Scala Carlo Cracco, Cracco Restaurant Filippo Gozzoli, The Park Restaurant (del Park Hyatt Milan) Aimo Moroni, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia Yoshikazu Ninomiya, Osaka Roberto Okabe, Finger’s Davide Oldani, D’O Andrea Provenzani, Liberty Claudio Sadler, Sadler Restaurant Matteo Torretta, Savini Viviana Varese, Alice Restaurant For lunch and dinner every restaurant will offer the public three dishes, the most representative of its culinary philosophy, in version taste - taste exactly - at a price ranging between 4 and 6 euros. To facilitate the food and drinks they will be purchased with the special "money" of Taste of Milan, in honor of the city, will be called Ducato (Duke). But there's more! Although the restaurants are the main attraction of the event will not be the only one! The Theatre of Chef, the exclusive Lounge with bar, the stage of Music, the School of Cooking, The Academy of Wine will be only some of the attractions, along with other fun activities and education on food and wine, will form the substance of this incredible appointment, a veritable feast of "foodies". And then Taste Chocolate, Taste Oil, Taste Beer, Taste Cheese, Taste Bio, Taste Fresh, Taste Wine:  the thematic areas that will host many producers selected to offer so many goodies and inspire both chefs and visitors to create new and delicious recipes. HOW TO BUY THE TICKETS Taste of Milan is a limited number event to allow all participants the best experience possible. For ticket management Brand Events Italy has chosen as technology provider TicketOne, a company experienced in marketing of tickets for music events, entertainment, sport and culture. Tickets can be purchased on www.tasteofmilano.it or through the entire multichannel network TicketOne: www.ticketone.it, call center TicketOne 892.101 and more than 650 outlets open to the public throughout Italy. The cost of admission for each session and lunch or dinner at a cost of € 20.00 + booking fee. www.tasteofmilano.it


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