Thoughts of early summer - by Gino Pedrotti

Thoughts of early summer from the farm Gino Pedrotti, that we want to share with you.
We want to share with our readers the friendship thoughts of the beautiful farm Gino Pedrotti because we think it is important to pass the word about great small Italian producers, and these thoughts of wishes for land conservation and balance correspond completely with our editorial goals because, quoting:
our work is this: the cycle of nature, closely following the growth of the vine, and wait patiently
Accompanying you on this expectation, good reading!

Lake Cavedine, June 11, 2010

Our thoughts of early summer

"When the last tree will fall, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, you will find that you cannot eat money "

It is a start a bit unusual that of our thoughts for the beginning of summer... We do not want to be pessimistic or controversial; just, as never before in recent times, we feel the need to safeguard, to ensure a better future with new life, feeling that arises mainly when we are lucky to have grandchildren who roam in the garden ... they are our constant and irreplaceable signal the passing of time ... A better tomorrow that comes first from the respect to the environment ... respect that is not often guaranteed both globally and locally. Maybe too much selfishness and greed are putting too much strain on the balance man - nature... We believe it is very important to maintain direct contact with nature, observing, feeling, touching, thrilling, breathing the Creation perhaps we can find, to maintain inner balance and serenity that we risk losing if we trample the frenetic pace that sometimes we cannot avoid ... In our small, we attempt to "do our part"; the abandonment of chemistry in our vineyards requires more attention, more care. We are pleased with the results obtained with the use of green manure; the screws seem more balanced and have suffered less than the dry days of the last period. The new vines we planted a couple of months ago are growing well ... and look at the first delicate leaves, we smile thinking how long we wait before having the pleasure of tasting first the grapes and then the wine ... our work is this: the cycle of nature, closely following the growth of the vine, and wait patiently ... the Rebus of the vines planted this year will not be in our glasses before the spring of 2015. We have already decided that this autumn will renew another vineyard, we are fortunate to work with an excellent nursery and thanks to its valuable work, we have our little nursery with a selection of cuttings obtained by grafting the branches of our vineyard. In recent days we enjoyed the flowering of the grapes ... we were delighted with their scent. Also this year, during Holy Week, we pressed the Nosiola that was drying since last fall; the 2009 vintage of Vino Santo is small, very small ... but the base seems good, we'll see in ten years! In the coming days we will emerge with the Auro-2007 ...  we wait your opinions. As we await your opinions on white wines of last year; both the Chardonnay and the Nosiola were left to ferment with the skins for a few days. We hope to offer a glass of wine more authentic, more original ... more "ours”... Our dearest greetings, wishing to spend a nice and happy rest of summer ... and the discovery of new landscapes for those who enjoy a little holiday, full of satisfaction for those who must instead work.

"The just man does not use others as a tool"


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