Events in Pisa? Molecular cuisine at Dolcemente Pisa

Among the events in Pisa, Dolcemente Pisa collects outstanding figures of Italian pastries, including Loretta Fanella and the expert in molecular cooking, Davide Cassi.
Back to the sweetest event of the year! Saturday 2 and Sunday, October 3, 2010 Pisa, the city of the leaning tower, will host the Tuscany's delights most exquisite and refined, a unique opportunity to discover the true artisan products and visit the most beautiful lands of Pisa. Among the events in Pisa, the historic halls of the Leopolda will host the best workshops in Tuscany: truth selected for its manufacturing philosophy, based on the recovery of old recipes and using raw materials of absolute goodness. The program of the fifth annual includes an event after another to spend a fun day with cake and wine tastings, workshops, pastries classes, entertainment and games for children. Among the main novelties of 2010 are included laboratories dedicated to molecular gastronomy, held by Davide Cassi, Professor of Physics at the University of Parma, who wrote, along with Chef Ettore Bocchia, "Il gelato estemporaneo e altre invenzioni gastronomiche" and the manifesto of molecular gastronomy in Italy. Then there will be distinguished speakers such as the journalist of the Repubblica Giuseppe Calabrese, producers Paul De Bondt and Cecilia Iacobelli, the pastry chef Loretta Fanella, the farmer investigator Paolo Parisi, the chef Giuseppe Mancino  of the restaurant Piccolo Principe di Viareggio, the nutritionist Alfredo Quinones Galvan and the chef Gionata Rossi. Info and reservations: www.dolcementepisa.it


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