Wine and food routes, among the history and the recipes of Italy

“La gola” is the last book of gourmet Italian cuisine stories by Marino Marini, a founder of Slow Food in 1986
Marino Marini, eclectic chef, historian and cuisine adviser, was among the founders of Slow Food and the creator of the "Inns of Italy”. From the passion for traditional Italian cuisine in its many facets, has written this book, “La gola”, expressing all his gourmet baggage harvest in years in many journeys through the Bel Paese. The work, a true story of Italian gastronomy, is halfway between the test and the story, alternates between historical documentation to amusing anecdotes and curiosities. Written by an expert on the subject, is a journey into the history and traditions of the legendary cuisine of our country. Each chapter is a learning, and simultaneously, humorous stage (thanks to the irony of the titles), on a food category: for example when talking about "stuffed pasta”, Marini affects all its various forms, from ravioli to lasagna, from the anolini to cappelletti etc. Reaching the last page of this unusual recipe book, you realize you have peeled an entire menu, from appetizer to dessert, which raised many of the formulas of Italian cuisine from North to South “La gola. Viaggio tra sapori, storie e ricette d’Italia” Published by Food Italian Language 284 pages 15 euro


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