Was submitted the guide of the restaurants Il Sole 24 ore

A summit for experts and a panel discussion on the trends that the great Italian chefs will abandon
It ended late yesterday afternoon, under the summit organized by the newspaper “Imprese fuori casa. Progetto futuro” the presentation of the Guide of the restaurants Il Sole 24 ore 2011 in the Collina saloon of the newspaper. Before this presentation, a rich and exciting program of meetings and three sessions of literary cafes that have had a great audience and where the speakers discussed the competitive challenges for bars, hotels and restaurants. During the meeting: "Being able to sell a premium product with exclusive recipes”, coordinated by the journalist Bargiornale Stefano Nincevich alternated three mixologists and consultants with their experiences. “The consumer is tired of the usual and ordinary cocktail” in the words of Leonardo Leuci who opened a bar with all the features of a cellar at the time of the Prohibition. "Our job is to take old drinks and make them current, even using old methods and old shaker" he said. While the extrovert Dom Costa has put the emphasis on his papers that follow the times and customers regularly steal them to hang as posters at home. With Roberto Pinton of Assobio e Federbio it was discussed the importance of organic food, and how this question has yet to offer a small slice, and therefore has good growth prospects; but also the importance of technology and productive processes for the benefit of profit and the importance of knowing the different aspects and applications of these technologies. "Vacuum cooking has a future in Italian households" in the words of Ettore Senes, managing director of Italia Fusion Chef by Julabo - lowers costs because it allows maintaining longer a product cooked at low temperatures, because it enhances the flavor and keeps the same volume as a raw product. During the presentation of the guide by its author, the "gastronaut" Paolini, have been assigned, as usual the awards to the best places in the same. The number of restaurants considered by the Guide of Italian restaurants has risen to 720, and to the already old symbols that were assigned was added another: the symbol "inn" provided for facilities where you can also overnight. "The search for a good restaurant" - says Davide Paolini - "leads us to do many more miles, and hence, the need to stop to sleep, maybe in the same place where we had eaten. Unfortunately, said worried, you have to deal with the crisis. In recent months five restaurants in the guide have closed and we were already in print. Today, there are most the restaurants that close to those that open”.


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